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Balgownie Estate

Simon Wiener
22 August 2015 | Wine Details | Simon Wiener

Andrew Graham - 2012 Balgownie Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Review - 94 points

"Back in the 70s and 80s, this was one of Australia's top wines. Period. When I was first getting into wine 15 odd years ago Balgownie still had an almost mythical status - as if the wines had a bit of magic about them. Thankfully, I've been lucky to have a few of those 70s and 80s wines and they are still in remarkable health.

This Cabernet, though, firmly harks back to the good old days - it smells Bendigoan, with that classic berry mint in a beautiful form. The oak sits firmly on the nose but the palate weight and fruit richness really carry that oak. Texturally it's brilliant, silken and fine, the tannins drying but perfectly formed. It's actually refreshing, the odd hint of eucalypt reminding that we're in Bendigo, the fruit sweet and never overwrought. A delicious, utterly classic Bendigo red of style and persistence, this is a wonderful reminder of the best of Balgownie."

Drink: 2014-2030
Score: 18.5/20, 94/100
Would I buy it? Yes. Well priced too. Should live for many years to boot.

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