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Balgownie Estate

Simon Wiener
30 August 2017 | Cellar Door, Wine Details | Simon Wiener

A Winter Father's Day is Perfect for Balgownie's Fortified Shiraz


Making a fortified shiraz takes time and patience; the wine needs to mature and develop the complex, aged aromas and flavours that are derived from long aging in oak barrels.

The warm climate in Australia is ideal for ripening grapes to produce fortified wines and much of the current Australian wine industry was built on their production. The incorporation of spirit into the wines initially occurred to act as a preservative and this enabled much of the wine produced in Australia to be exported to Great Britain during the last century,

While this cool weather persists, Balgownie’s Tawny Fortified Shiraz will keep you warm after a hearty, slow cooked dinner. Drink with a little farmhouse cheddar or dark chocolate; this rich and luscious wine has flavours of plum, raisins and Christmas cake.  Made exclusively from Shiraz grapes, the wine has an average age of seven years and exhibits barrel aged complexity with intense                                                fruit character and a long lingering finish.


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