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Balgownie Estate

Simon Wiener
9 March 2018 | Vineyard Information | Simon Wiener

2018 Vintage Update

The picking crews have been hard at work in Bendigo and have been working quickly to harvest the remaining Shiraz. After the berries are hand-picked, they are quickly transported to the winery where they are crushed before fermentation begins.

A by-product of the fermentation process is carbon dioxide, which pushes the skins to the top of the ferment. In order to keep the skins in contact with the fermenting wine a pumpover operation needs to performed (see above). The wine from the bottom of the tank is pumped over the top of the ferment, keeping the skins and the wine in contact. This maximises the amount of colour and tannin in the finished wine.

All the Shiraz has now been picked and is safely in the winery, fermenting in open tanks. The Shiraz will be pumped over twice per day while it ferments through to dryness.


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