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Balgownie Estate

Simon Wiener
15 February 2018 | Vineyard Information, Winery Information | Simon Wiener

2018 Vintage Update

The warm weather throughout Summer has resulted in an early start to vintage for 2018. Despite the picking starting earlier than usual, the quality of the fruit has been fabulous and the winemaking staff have been eager to get their hands on the fabulous fruit.       

As is usual at Balgownie, chardonnay is the first varietal to ripen and the first variety to be picked. The Old Vine Chardonnay (planted in 1976) was the picked first, followed by the Young Chardonnay Block (planted in 1983). These vineyards, along with all the vineyards at Balgownie are hand-picked as this results in the only the top quality fruit being harvested, as the pickers are able to ignore the fruit that is not fully ripe.

In addition Shiraz that has been earmarked for our delectable Rosé has also been harvested. It is crucial that the grapes for this wine have the right balance between ripeness, acid and flavour to produce a delicious wine that continues to grow in popularity.


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