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Balgownie Estate

Simon Wiener
24 May 2017 | Vineyard Information, Winery Information | Simon Wiener

2017 Vintage Summary

Vintage 2017 is now officially complete, all the ferments are finished, the press has been cleaned for the final time and all the wine is now aging slowly in oak barrels or in tank. The 2017 vintage was a return to a more orderly and typical harvest with the consistent warm weather ripening the grapes in turn and allowing each to be hand harvested. This has been much to the relief of the winemaking staff after the very quick and compressed vintage last year where all the grapes ripened at the same time.

The warm summer temperature and the dry weather combined to produce ideal conditions to produce quality fruit almost across all varieties. 2017 is shaping up as a standout vintage likely to be on par with the outstanding 2002 wines. Tony is confident of being able to produce an Old Vine Shiraz from the exceptionally ripe and balanced fruit that was harvested. We should also have an outstanding Estate Shiraz,

The Cabernet Sauvignon harvested in Bendigo has been remarkable with the best quality fruit that we have seen in recent times. The Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley was also fabulous and was harvested in excellent condition at the optimal level of ripeness. 

For our ever growing number of Sangiovese lovers, our new planting of the Brunello clone Sangiovese has been harvested for the first time. The Brunello clone originates from the town of Montalcino in Southern Tuscany where it is the single variety used in Brunello di Montaclino, - one of Italy’s noble and long-living wines. The addition of the Brunello clone will add more concentration and structure to our Sangiovese as well as meaning we have a little more wine available to sell.

The Estate Wines from both the Yarra Valley and Bendigo, as well as the Old Vine Shiraz are set to be outstanding when they are released - they will certainly be wines to savor or to cellar when they are released. 


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